We continue to monitor the developments of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and are taking measures to ensure our service to you remains at the highest level of quality. While our business operations have not been impacted, we have made the decision to limit employee travel and in-person meetings. We apologize to those with whom we’ve had to cancel in-person meetings with but are confident in our ability to continue to deliver exceptional service via conference calls. Additionally, many of our team members will be working remotely to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in the community. We do not anticipate any service interruptions and will continue to provide you with the support you have come to expect and appreciate. Thank you for your patience.


The Cayuse Family of Companies

Steeped in Tradition and Heritage

For hundreds of years, the Cayuse tribe's tradition of innovation and value-creation earned them the reputation of being both fearsome warriors and savvy traders. They engineered the world's fastest and strongest breed of pony, able to carry people and trade goods further and faster than any other horse; giving them a competitive edge. Today, we continue that tradition by innovating to provide high-value business solutions for our clients while building a legacy for future generations.

2019 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion

A Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) owned company.


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