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Cayuse Receives 2023 HIRE Vets Platinum Award

US Department of Labor HIRE Vets Award medallion

Cayuse is honored to receive the US Department of Labor HIRE Vets Platinum Award for the 5th year in a row!

This award from the Department of Labor recognizes a company or organization’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development. Currently, 28% of Cayuse’s leadership and 15% of our overall workforce are veterans.

What Makes Cayuse Special for Veterans?

It is fundamentally natural for our veterans to act as mentors and coaches in their roles, and Cayuse can put them in a role that allows them to set an example for our employees and becoming stewards of leadership. Cayuse also functions on a "Veteran Preference" hiring system, along with providing:

  • Retention through mentoring

  • Commitment to personal and professional development

  • Cayuse’s Education Incentive Program for tuition assistance

  • Compliance with the USERRA to protect the rights of our service members

  • Opportunities to volunteer in community events, with other veteran organizations, and at a local homeless shelter

We take great pride in our mission to actively recruit, retain, and support our nation's heroes.

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